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06 July 2014 @ 10:23 pm
As you may know, Chrono Cross is not as hard to play as some people want to. Our team works on making this beloved game harder. Generally, an accent was put on difficulty, variety of gameplay, amplifying aspects that had a minor effect on the game.

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09 January 2015 @ 07:41 pm

Almost every day we discover new amazing stuff that broaden a pool of possibilities for improving the game. Delving into scripts, we gain experience, assimilate various methods, and so make our dreams and ideas come true.

Months ago we tried to teach monsters speak (those who could not by default). But we failed. Beach Bum, a monster used as a testing polygon, barely opened dialog box, and if he succeed in it, show us abracadabra.


It was like crashing dreams (e.g. to make Lynx and Fate speak sublime things) for us! Since time... we did it.

Le WET Gi Cx U

From the depths of despair little Komodo with Solt's voice condescended to us. That means we can add dialog to everything we want. Maybe, expand storyline? Ha-ha.

That was only one example. Tons of them there are. Ideas overfill us! Analyzer of elements casted and armor equiped? Yes, sir! Harle doesn't touch Serge with AoE elements, controls his status (for the magical magic of love!) and cutely jokes? Good enough! Empower Beach Bums every time you come over and over again? ...And here we got a problem. For now, there's a big interference - Relief Charm. To be more precise, a question "what if there's no Serge?" He is the character who accompanies us for a whole game. We can put variables/flags in his stats so we can determine various... monsters' behavior. We can't put those things to any character out of battle. And saves don't work properly (remember Pip's evolution bug), damn... Technical details, though. The nastiest thing is that we can't identify New Game+ without Serge in party - monsters will not receive desired stat bonuses in a battle. Hope the problem will be solved.

We found curious stuff while researching as well! Do you remember Potty? The unique monster from Viper's Manor? It's underdone, as it should had three different patterns instead of one. We decided to disassemble all scripts, gather knowledges, do new scripts and then work on concrete numbers, stats.

À bientôt!
09 July 2014 @ 02:54 am
Here is main stats for rebalanced characters. Work is not done yet. There are approximate values​​. If you disagree with a stats of any character, let me know about it.
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